Thursday, May 15, 2014

{PHFR} 15 May, 2014 Ed.

round button chicken


These are my Mother's Day flowers. We went to Costco to get flowers for my MIL for Mother's Day, and my husband asked me to pick what I wanted for myself. I just LOVE hydrangeas, especially the colour of the above. I'm hoping I can dry them and enjoy them for awhile to come. 

This was my gift for Mother's Day from my husband and kids: the actual bracelet for my Chamilia (like Pandora) charms. Backstory: he bought me a Chamilia bracelet and some charms on a work trip a couple of years ago, as a surprise gift. Because I wasn't with him, he guesstimated the size of my wrist, and it was a close call. Last year, I got 2 new charms: a Murano glass bead and a kangaroo from when he was in Australia. Those made it impossible for me to wear the bracelet. So it sat in my jewellery box, and I missed wearing it. He took me to pick out a bracelet of the right size, allowing room for any new beads I may get in the future. A word to the wise: the Murano glass beads take up a LOT of room on your bracelet, so buyer beware!

My daughter and FIL both suffer from spring allergies. Really, anyone who suffers from seasonal allergies can identify with the above picture. :)

That is my left hand, and that is my wedding ring. 
Here's the story: 15 years ago, this August, my husband put that ring on my finger. (I didn't get a comfort fit band, as he did, something I now regret). I tried to leave it on at the start, never taking it off. Big mistake for someone who gets the occasional bout of eczema. However, up till about 1.5 years ago, I could get my wedding and engagement rings on and off. I gained weight. Last fall, when I had to take my engagement ring in for cleaning and inspection, they had to cut it off my finger. I was very upset...I felt awful, and I was very emotional about it. Then, yesterday, I had to get my wedding band and my university ring cut off my fingers. Now that we are getting warm, and humid, weather here, my fingers swell, and with the weight gain, it hurt...and I was concerned about circulation issues. I thought I would be okay...after all, I'd had my engagement ring cut off a few months ago. Y'all (yes, I'm Canadian...but I like y' I use it.), I was a wreck when I walked back to the car. It feels strange to not wear any rings right now. My husband and I are trying to decide what to do: repair, or replace. Not sure. I know it is "just a ring," but it still tears me up. 

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Adrie Little said...

Oh, oh, the rings made me sad, too! I wear mine constantly, and I'm just so sentimental about things that I know if I was to ever need to get it cut off, I would just sob (and probably make everyone in the jewelry store horribly uncomfortable).

I also got a Pandora-similar bracelet (for Valentine's Day!) and I love it! Mine is too big- a consequence of tiny little wrists... maybe I'll have to look into getting a smaller one for ... um... my anniversary!

A'ine said...

I managed to hold it together till I got out to my car, and then wept the whole way to my friend's place. Fortunately, said friend is a very understanding sort and is also emotional about stuff like this.
Today was the first day since then that I haven't felt sad.