Thursday, January 02, 2014

2014 Daybook

Outside My Window
It's's 11:14's also freezing cold outside. It was around -24 C outside today. That is VERY cold, for the Ottawa Valley, and for this time of year.

I Am Listening To
A quiet house...and the latest episode of Elementary that I'm watching as I type this post. 

I Am Wearing
My favourite jeans...I can wear them again!!!! I feel so good about that...happy dance. Ahem. A striped t-shirt, and an afghan. 

I Am Thankful For
A great Christmas holiday with family. It was great having my mum and my brother here. I am also thankful for a few days between family leaving and school going back in next Monday morning. I am also thankful for warm clothing and a warm house.

I Am Pondering
My day tomorrow...pondering ideas of what to wear to my brother's band performance at the Lincoln Centre in a couple months' time...pondering this big new year all stretched out ahead of me. 

I Am Reading
Almost finished War Brides by Melynda Jarratt.
About half-way through Grace Filled Marriage by Tim Kimmel.
And I bought 3 new books with money from Christmas: The Meaning of Marriage by Tim Keller; Six Wives by David Starkey; The Women of the Cousins' War by Philippa Gregory. I was also given a copy of  By Faith, Not By Sight by Scott MacIntyre. 

I Am Thinking
Of what to make to stock my freezer with; of my day tomorrow; of the week coming up next week, and the return to a normal rhythm here; thinking of many things.

I Am Creating
I have nothing on the knitting needles right now. I hope to get back to my quilted table runner soon. And, I have plans for making a new paper-lolly wreath for the door of the Powder Room...something to take me from Christmas to spring/Easter.

Toward Rhythm & Beauty
Slowly, things are returning to the normal rhythm here. This weekend, the Christmas decorations will start to come down....the winter decor will stay up and perhaps get added to. The regular school day rhythm starts up again next week, which will be a blessing for the kids...they are getting to the point where they need the routine and structure.

To Live the Liturgy
And here is where I have a plan: to start getting up at 5:30 a.m. again. I have needed, and missed, the time of morning stillness, by myself with my Bible, prayer book, and cup of coffee, to ground me before the day starts. Yes, I think this is necessary, and I'm looking forward to this. 

Hoping & Praying
Praying for dear friends as they are in a time of discernment over where to serve God in foreign missions.
Praying for another friend whose husband's job takes him away from home for weeks at a time. 
And praying for my own family and marriage.

In the Garden
Buried under snow. Waiting for spring. But plans are being made.

Around the House
Tidying things up; loose ends of cleaning up are still to be done; some bits and pieces of organizing; and the switch from Christmas to winter decorating around the house. Also some baking and cooking for the freezer must happen before next week, as well as a menu plan and mapping out of the daily routine. 

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...hmmm...I've heard that Phillipa Gregory is a good author...maybe I'll try her