Friday, October 25, 2013

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real {PHFR}

It's been quite awhile since I participated in {phfr}. I decided to get my groove back and jump in, even if I am late (better late than never, right?!!). we go....

My MIL is a very talented quilter. While we were on vacation in January, with her and my FIL, she had a book of quilted projects. One caught my eye, a quilted table runner with Dresden flowers. I asked if that might be a good way to ease into quilting (we have a King sized bed, so the thought of doing a quilt that size is rather, shall we say, depressing...and also, never-ending. I'm also more interested in quilted projects as opposed to quilts themselves, but that may be the start of the slippery slope. We shall see!). The answer was in the affirmative, and fabric was purchased at Joann's and Hobby Lobby. (I wanted to avoid buying the bulk of my fabric here in Canada if possible as the choices are limited of where to purchase, and if I do buy stuff at quilting stores, tis a small fortune...and as much as I love doing this, I don't have unlimited resources). 
The fabric sat, and sat...and sat some more. I had intentions of going over to my MIL's once a week to work on this with her (as I said, I've never quilted before, but she is very capable and talented). That did not come to fruition till this month. This picture was taken as I was machine-appliqueing the 4-square patches onto the runner. Yes you read that right....machine-appliqueing. I have been assured that it is not "cheating." The only thing I will be changing about the design, is using buttons for the centres of the flowers, rather than trying to applique small circles in the centres. 
I must say, I love this quilting thing...and already have plans for my next project (a quilted bed runner for our bed...much more achievable in this lifetime). I do scrapbooking and card-making...and quilting is like doing that, but with fabric and no pictures. Also? It's a really good way for me to spend time with MIL, whom I am happy to count as a friend. :)

Is when your husband's fourth work trip in about as many weeks gets cancelled. 
Join me doing a happy dance:
Thank you! :)


The real song on which this is parodied is being used for ticket sales commercials for our NHL team, the Ottawa Senators. Having seen this, when I hear that song, I cannot help thinking of this picture and I laugh.

We have a bird-feeder in our tree on our front lawn. My DD and I fill it regularly and we have seen a good many birds feeding at the feeder. Last weekend, we had this non-feathered friend at our feeder, caught, as my daughter says, "red-pawed." 

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priest's wife said...

yay for cancelled work trips! (funny gif)

A'ine said...

I know, isn't it great?!!! :)